DEI Initiatives Take Center Zoom

We’ve been talking a lot about diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives this week. Inspired by our friends and partners at Michigan Engineering and their 🏆 2021 CASE Grand Gold winning initiative, we set out to learn more about the work being done around this topic. 

  • Several great podcast episodes available for your listening pleasure of the Inclusive Excellence Podcast 📻 from Cornell’s Department of Inclusion and Belonging. 

  • Protopia has a webinar scheduled for 3/17 at 1 p.m. 🎓 on the topic of Embracing Communities of Color and Difference, featuring a fantastic panel of guests that includes Matthew Winston, Julie Decker, and Ali Gant.

If you’re working on a really cool initiative in the DEI space that involves engaging alumni and building communities, give me a shout at and let us know. We’d love to learn about your work. For extra credit 🎖️, read Max’s blog post on affinity groups and allyship in engagement.