Donor experience is the here-and-now

We were talking about the words that people are using more of now vs. less that seem to portray where the field is headed? 

One we stopped and mulled over for a while was the word “touchpoint.” When we have conversations with advancement leaders, they’re most excited about how digital gift officers and more recently EverTrue’s Donor Experience Officer (DXO) teams are helping raise big gifts while engaging the mid-to-lower tier of the giving pyramid.

The work of alumni engagement professionals is critical in helping new donor experience teams succeed. Yes, there’s some scripted processes and messages for the DXOs, but all the data that’s collected from engagement activity matters more than ever because it’s being used to create content and conduct outreach to donors. 

It’s easy to imagine how scaling meaningful alumni engagement remains one of the challenges of our era. With thousands more donors added to DXO portfolios, they’ll need fuel to personalize touchpoints. 

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