Advancement & Career Services are BFFs

Hi Smoothie Drinkers!  

Hopefully, our faithful readers are staying hydrated with frozen, blended beverages and enjoying the hot summer weather by a body of water somewhere. 

As you’ve probably noticed, in each edition of Alumni Smoothie, we select a central theme to build the content around. We decided to go with career services this time and talk about some of the trends happening out there. So, what are a few of those trends that affect alumni teams? 

A few interesting onces are: 

Colleges continue to shift undergraduate and graduate career services underneath university advancement to provide experiential learning opportunities for students and scale up internships. William & Mary, UC San Diego, the University of Denver, and several others exemplify this alignment. 

Work shadow programs, career fairs, micro-internships, employer visits, and other career development experiences continue to blossom in the virtual space, with some returning to in-person. 

Alumni associations consider professional-themed content a significant area of opportunity, despite diminishing returns on virtual events and network platform activity. Teams are thinking about how career services themes can be layered on top of regional and affinity groups, storytelling, and other programs. 

Handshake’s new Alumni tool is poised to make a real impact by uncovering hundreds (even thousands) of alumni hiring managers, recruiters, and small business owners trying to recruit students and recent grads but have mainly been outside the view of advancement. 

We’d love to hear from you about the themes you’re seeing around career services in alumni engagement. 


Max + Ryan